We are not a model to be emulated. We believe that every one has their own destiny and path
to travel and ‘unknown’ to unravel. We also do not claim that we know what to do. We know
almost what we should not do. Schooling , controlling or conditioning are against the very
foundation of living and that is what modern schools have been doing in the name of education.
To educate is to draw out. Instead we have been filling in! We have come a long way and confused
ourselves so badly that now to trace back and understand is a herculean task.In fact from human
beings we have become human knowings! Knowing happens in the realm of unknown.
Unknown is the condition for awe, humility, creativity, spontaneity, sensitivity and hence where
living can happen. So we invite any one who wants explore afresh the whole question of being,
learning, beauty, children etc. to be part of this journey.

Language is not a cognitive source, reasoning is not a cognitive tool as cognition happens in the
realm of biology, in the concrete, experiential world, in silence and comprehension
takes place as a result of self organization. So how do we stop
reasoning and begin to comprehend? Explanations cannot replace experience

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